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Use Nim on online compiler: Wandbox

I introduce online compiler: Wandbox. You can use Nim programming language on Web browser without installing Nim compiler. It is developed by @melponn and @kikairoya.

Latest Nim and nightly build Nim are available on the Wandbox

Not only latest Nim, but also old Nims are available on Wandbox. Wandbox periodically download the source code of latest Nim on devel branch from Github and build it. You can use it when you choose Nim HEAD. You can check whether it is the latest Nim version by adding -v to compiler options. Then hash value of the git commit will be displayed and you can check which commit is used to build Nim HEAD from Nim commits. You can also use more than 30 programming languages.

You can share your code

Share button appears after clicking Run button. Then, permanent link will appears when you click the share button.

There are plugins to use Wandbox on Vim/Emacs/xyzzy.

Just install wandbox-vim plugin to your Vim. Then, code in the curret buffer is executed on wandbox and the result is displayed when you execute :Wandbox --compiler=nim-head. Plugins for wandbox use wandbox API to send code and receive result.

Multiple text files

You can add a new file when you click + button above editor. You can import that file as module or read it as text file at compile time or runtime.

Wandbox is open source is the repository of Wandbox. There are scripts to build and install compilers to Wandbox in Wandbox Builder repository. If you found Nim was not updated or not correctly built or installed, fix scripts in that repository and send Pull request. When you want to add a new version compiler or new language, edit or add scripts and send Pull request. Scripts related to Nim can be found at build/nim-head and build/nim directory.

by Tomohiro