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About this blog

This blog is created with Nim De Blog and hosted by Netlify. Source code of this blog is in this repository. Nim De Blog is a static site generater written with Nim programming language. I can write articles using Nim language and reStructuredText implemented in Nim standard library.

How Netlify works

Netlify generate static site and deploy it.

  1. Create a repository that has files used to generate static site at Github, GitLab or Bitbucket.
  2. Sign up Netlify
  3. Click "New site from Git" and specify the repository
  4. Netlify server automatically do git clone the repository and execute the command you registered
  5. if that command succeeded, generated static site become accessible from internet.

After that, Netlify do 4 and 5 everytime you do git push to the repository.

Use Nim in Netlify

Nim needs to be built on Netlify in order to use it. I wrote scripts to do that and published on netlify-nim-test.

Comment widget in this blog

It is impossible to make a comments system only with static site. So this blog use utterances comments widget. It is built on GitHub issues and you can manage comments on Github issues and post comments using Markdown but posting comments requires Github account.

by Tomohiro